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Translucent Objects and Spaces

  We designed the interior of a beauty salon near Hon-Kugenuma Station in Fujisawa City. The site is located on a semi-basement level surrounded by tall condominiums, and sunlight only comes in for a short period of time during the year. Therefore, we created a pale, soft, homogeneous light by bouncing the little light that falls in the garden off the aluminum louvers in the ceiling. We wondered if we could create an extraordinary space that could only be found in this location.

  The aluminum louvers floating on the ceiling are a material with high reflectivity, though not as high as mirrors. By reflecting the existing concrete surrounding the space, the louvers blend in with it, but at the same time assert themselves as an object, becoming a translucent cloud-like presence.

  The walls and floors are partially covered with wood cement board and flexible board to create a color tone similar to the existing concrete. By using similar colors, we were able to create a variety of textures while blending into the small space and creating an expansive feeling in the room. In addition, the furniture and restrooms are made of larch plywood, and only the small edges are painted silver. The transparency of the reflective silver color cancels out the small edges that show the characteristics of plywood, a material made by laminating, and highlights the superficiality of the plywood.


  The beauty salon is a place that is formed through events that occur "on the other side" through the mirror, creating a translucent space with the duality of "here" and "the other side (fiction)". And the various gray materials mentioned above have two contradictory functions: a textured superficiality and a transparency that allows the viewer to see through to a sense of depth. This can resonate with the unique spatiality of the beauty salon. By scattering the dual expressions of presence as an object and transparency of another place in the space, we hope that the space will become a place (beauty salon) where we can find a new self (fiction) that we have not yet seen.






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